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By January 2, 2017February 22nd, 2022News

Unmarked Book – First Copy!!

The new monograph Unmarked features twenty photographs by Stephen Chalmers, and twenty satellite images of the same locations. These images are accompanied by a text on the American landscape. It is only at the very end of the book that the reader is given the clues to decipher the story behind the imagery: all the photographs were taken at sites where serial murderers disposed of their victims.

The research to locate these sites was performed through the public records of closed serial killer cases and historic investigative photographs. Chalmers then used GPS technology and mapping software, visited the exact spot where the bodies were found, and photographed the landscape.

This is the first monograph of Stephen Chalmers’s work. The book is the culmination of a long-term photographic project, and its book form was conceived in dialogue with the editor and the designer early in 2016. The official publication date will be in February 2017.

Information on purchasing a copy of this book will be available soon!!