Women and Methamphetamine Exhibit

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My work was included in the Women and Methamphetamine Exhibit [9 Modalities], along with the work of Pauline Sameshima, Patricia Maarhuis, John-Paul Chalykoff & Victoriua Bolduc.
→ Traveled to: The LAIR (Lakehead Arts Integrated Research) Gallery. Thunder Bay, Ontario. November 2015 – January 2016, and Baggage Building Arts Centre. Marina Park, Ontario. September – November 2015.

Discussion of my work in the Australian Feminist Law Journal

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Dr. Rebecca Scott Bray included a discussion of work from Unmarked in her piece Rotten Prettiness? The Forensic Aesthetic and Crime as Art in the Australian Feminist Law Journal, 40:1, pp 69-95 – published 6 October 2014.

I’m honored to have my work be part of her research.

See the full article here:
Rebecca Scott Bray (2014) Rotten Prettiness? The Forensic Aesthetic and Crime as Art, Australian Feminist Law Journal, 40:1, 69-95, DOI: 10.1080/13200968.2014.931900

Fundraiser Success

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Our fundraiser to support student scholarships (via the generosity of David Hume Kennerly and his donation of fifty-three of his magnificent photographs) was an incredible success.

We raised nearly $30,000 to create the first endowed scholarship for photography students!


Article about Class Photo Project

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An article, written by Dustin Livesay, about my class-photo project (which occurs at the end of each class I teach) was featured as the front-page story in the Youngstown State University student newspaper. It included two photos of my students and I: “Dexter” and “Alice in Youngstown”.

Click the thumbnail below to view a larger image of the front page, or read the full article here: http://www.thejambar.com/photographic-memories/

¡ Summer teaching in Spain es estupendo !

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Estoy emocionado por haber sido invitado a impartir un taller de este verano a estudiantes de posgrado en la fotografía en la universidad Istituto Europeo di Design en Madrid España!

I need to brush up on my Spanish…it’s no muy bueno — but I was trying to say something like that I’m excited about being invited to teach in a graduate program in photography at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid this summer…even more excited as their program includes stellar faculty (and personal favorite photographers of mine) such as Martin Parr and Joan Fontcuberta.